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Welcome to Dium

Japanese style - Korean horsemeat

Inspired by Japanese traditional horse breeding, Dium offers a fresh, local and respectful interpretation of Korean horse meat.


Your Perfect Destination for Any Occasion
: Restaurant Dium

We will be opening our first restaurant shortly. You will be able to experience the best quality of Korean horsemeat fine-dining. 


Horsemeat fine dining


First distributor of Korean horsemeat

As a pioneer of Korean horsemeat distribution, our goal is to become premium distributor of Korean horsemeat worldwide.

Online shop

We offer best quality of Korean horsemeat directly to any restaurant in local area. 

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Horsemeat fine dining

For our franchise application, please submit your e-mail address below. Our marketing agent will contact you shortly.
Fine dining (Premium)

Restaurant Franchise

Express dining


Based in Jeju-island, our farm is surrounded with water and nature. It serves perfect condition for horses to grow without stress. Moreover, we take 1:1 condition control system to keep steady quality. Our horses come alive from Canada by airplane, then we start breeding by our system. We feed combination of 10 different kinds of grain including grass, barley, and corn. 

Our factory provides two different categories of horse meat, one is easy to process quality for immediate cook and the other is the finest quality for fine dining or high-end restaurants.  

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